Thursday, May 31, 2012


Already booked yourself in for a marathon TV viewing this summer as the Olympics and Paralympics descend on London? Well, don’t settle in on the sofa too quickly, Sport Wales are on hand with some top tips to encourage you to get active with your children…
London 2012 is just around the corner and while you might not fancy yourself as the next sporting great, there’s no better time to be inspired to get more active. So every day until Friday, we'll give you 10 new tips to get you and your family active....what are you waiting for?!

1.       Take inspiration from Jessica Ennis and set up your own garden decathlon. Mark out distances to jump, a line of bean bags to weave in and out of, balls to throw as far as you can
2.       Introduce games that involve a range of sporting skills such as running, jumping, dodging, throwing, catching and balancing

3.     Reward little ones for sporting triumphs by staging your own medal ceremony
4.       If children are enjoying watching a particular sport this summer, try incorporating it into a day out. You can always adapt the sport with play items if you can’t quite set up archery or fencing
5.       Invite the neighbours over and stage your own sports day. Sign up to for free tips and resources
6.       We already have eight swimmers from Wales selected for London 2012 which makes this summer the ideal time to learn to swim. Parents can reward swimming lessons by getting into the pool for a bit of playtime. Have a splash and blow bubbles in the water – it all helps your child to feel confident in the water

7.       Ask your local authority and your local sports clubs for activities happening this summer. If you are 16 and under, you can swim for free at your local authority swimming pool, thanks to the Welsh Government Free Swimming initiative
8.       Challenge little ones to do better – if they’ve jumped a certain distance or skipped a number of times, see if they can do better next time
9.       Parents need to be exercise role models – if your children see you being active, they’re more likely to take part
10.   Sunny days and ball games just seem to go together. They are play-anywhere activities and portable so they are ideal for most expeditions. Whether it’s a trip to the park, a jaunt to the seaside or a day out with the relatives, pack a bat and ball and involve everybody in a game or two. 
And remember to look out for Come and Try sport sessions within your local authority or why not go along to your local sports club. For more information, just contact the sport of your choice!