Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We come across lots of up and coming sports talents looking for advice about signing contracts.


Christian Edwards, Partner and Sports Law expert at JCP Solicitors, a leading law firm based in Swansea, gives Sport Wales a few insights into what an up and coming sportsperson should be aware of when signing on the dotted line...
Christian Edwards
Many professional sports contracts are based on certain standard terms set down by governing bodies which are generally non-negotiable and which set out basic and essential terms. However the important personal elements tend to be the schedule to the agreement. This is likely to be extensive and its purpose is to deal with those detailed terms which are personal to the individual. 

Understandably parents often accompany their young son or daughter when signing their first contract. It is common these days that sports persons are signed up by agents as soon as possible and therefore every sports person or parent should always be asking questions about the following:

  • Insurance – Make sure you are protected!   Ask about what level of cover is provided by your club or organisation.  Does the governing body offer cover?  A sport career could be brought to an abrupt end through injury. And always consider personal cover. After all, you need to be covered by loss of earnings etc. if the worse should happen.

  • Salary- Do you know what the market rate is? Salary level obviously depends on circumstances such as the size of the organisation, individual honours and market rate.

  • Pay Reviews/Bonuses- Make sure adequate provisions are provided for pay reviews based on achievements/performance/international honours etc and look at terms on bonuses, and signing on fees. It is also important to consider whether there are tax implications.

  • Termination Rights- Do you or the club/organization have the option to terminate and if so on which conditions? For example do you have the right to leave if your club gets relegated? You need to make sure the terms are not too favourable to your club, although usually for young sports persons, the bargaining power is not too strong.

  • Commercial Rights- Consider personal appearances, endorsements, and image rights- do you get a share or commission? It is important to recognise your future value in terms of merchandising and promotions. 

  • Personal Sponsorship- Can you enter into your own deals? Do you have to use/wear kit provided by club/club sponsor and so on.  Beware of any potential conflicts!

  • Additional Benefits – Do you/should you have additional benefits? For example will your club or organisation provide accommodation if you are away from home? And what other additional benefits would be suitable to your sport?

  • Agents - Do you need one? Many regulatory bodies have standard form agency agreements so check that your agent’s agreement is compliant. How is your agent to be paid and for what services?
You do not necessarily need an agent in order to sign your first contract, but advice from a specialist solicitor is advisable. Be aware that litigation action against unfair contracts is a costly business, so getting it right at the onset will pay dividends to your career in the future.  But most important of all…..make sure you enjoy the experience.

Wishing you future success in your sporting endeavours!

For more information please contact Christian Edwards for an informal discussion on 01792 773 773 or email christian.edwards@jcpsolicitors.co.uk

Friday, May 27, 2011

There's this button everywhere in the internet:
"Report abuse"
Why doesn't it exist in real life, when you can't
hit "Strg + Z" in reality.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wales will host the Celtic Tri Nations Championships for the first time this weekend. Swimmers from Wales, Scotland and Ireland will go head to head at Wales National Pool, Swansea.

Georgia Davies clinches bronze in Delhi

Catherine Shearer, Senior Sports Psychologist at Sport Wales, explains why the event will assist our next generation of swimmers on the road to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

·         Familiarity breeds confidence - the more accustomed an individual is when competing on ‘the big stage’, the more their confidence is enhanced

·         Major events can be stressful for athletes so if they can get as much experience as possible at performing under pressure, the better they will become at handling it!

Welsh swimmers at the 2010 Commonwealth Games - in the final minutes before racing
·         There are a number of distractions at events such as friends, family and the media which can disrupt optimal preparations. Events like this give swimmers the chance to practice at not letting these distractions get in the way of their performance. Instead, they can focus on delivering a good performance.

·         Competing at a high level also allows swimmers the opportunity to watch experienced and successful swimmers prepare for an event. Learning by example, they can feel more confident that they are doing the right things.
  • Competing also gives the opportunity to put into practice the hard training they put in everyday

If you fancy going to the Celtic Tri Nations, you can buy tickets here

New This Week!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

These days i
t's not easy  to distinguish an authentic psychotic soliloquy
from a telephone call... since headsets are more and more common and
there are those placards against sexual abuse:
"Those who break the silence, break the power of the offenders."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Echte Helden!

And our survey says…

This week, we’re sending out the School Sport Survey to every single school and college in Wales. This is like the census of school sport!

PE Success

We’ll not only be asking teachers to complete the survey but primary and secondary schoolchildren too.

In our latest blogpost, Rachel Hughes, Research Manager at Sport Wales, gives us 8 reasons why the school sport survey is important and why we’re encouraging schools and colleges to fill it in:

·         We’ll be able to track how many young people are taking part in sport and how often

·         We’ll know what sports and activities are growing in popularity – and which are not!

·         Sport Wales, local authorities and other sporting organisations will be able to use the data to make informed decisions about sport for young people in your area

·         We’ll be able to identify which groups are less likely to take part in sport – whether it’s by gender, age group or the area in which they live

·         We’ll know much more about what stops young people taking part in sport – and what motivates them!

·         We’ll have a better understanding of the importance that young people are placing on sport in comparison to other leisure activities

·         We’ll find out whether young people feel that sport contributes to a healthy lifestyle
·    We’ll also know whether pupils enjoy their PE lessons

·         If schools provide a sufficient sample to analyse, they will receive a report to help them identify strengths and gaps in provision, and help them evidence the well-being of their pupils

5x60 Dance

Schools have until the end of July to complete the survey.

Do you have any questions about the survey? Please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Your chance to win tickets for Celtic Tri Nations 2011!

Fancy winning some tickets to see some of Wales’ top swimmers in action?

We have two pairs of tickets to give away for the Celtic Tri Nations at Wales National Pool, Swansea 27th-29th May 2011.

Jemma Lowe in action in Delhi 2010
With the likes of David Davies, Tom Haffield and Jemma Lowe in action it’s an event not to be missed by swim fans!

For your chance to win all you have to do is follow @sport_wales and retweet any tweets with a #CelticTriNations mention. Easy!

Names will be drawn after the competition closing date on Wednesday 25th May at 12pm.

Terms and conditions apply.

Click here for more information on the Celtic Tri Nations.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New This Week!

We also have lots of new LAKAI, DVS and FALLEN shoes in stores. We'll try to get them up by next week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BT Paralympics World Cup

Disability Sport Wales

Why the Paralympic World Cup is so important...Disability Sport Wales Academy Manager Gerwyn Owen:

With great success already seen at the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Senior and IWAS (International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation) Junior World Championships so far in 2011, all eyes are now on the BT Paralympic World Cup, which will be hosted in Manchester again this year.

Also, for us in Wales, it provides an opportunity to highlight Disability Sport to the mass population. This year, Channel 4 has come on board for the first time as the new host broadcaster.

This is an exciting new dimension to the BT Paralympic World Cup and will provide the event with the strongest broadcast coverage it has ever received.

Indeed, Channel 4 has taken coverage of Disability Sport to a new level since being awarded host broadcast rights for the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and programmes such as 'Inside Incredible Athletes' and 'That Paralympic Show' demonstrate imaginative, positive and provocative imagery of our athletes.

Welsh athletes have always been prominent in this event, whether it's David Roberts CBE in the pool, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson's last ever competitive race in Athletics or double Paralympic Gold Medallist, Simon Richardson MBE in the Velodrome.

This year again sees a strong Welsh presence, with the three core sports of swimming, athletics and wheelchair basketball represented.

Beijing Paralympic Gold medallist Liz Johnson will be one to watch in pool. Over at the athletics stadium, recent IPC World Champion Nathan Stephens is joined by training partner and IPC World Championship silver medallist Aled-Sion Davies, Commonwealth Games silver medallist Jenny McLoughlin and IBSA (International Blind Sports Association) World Games athlete James Ball.

On the basketball court, experienced Paralympians Clare Strange and Caroline Matthews will form part of the Women's Great Britain wheelchair basketball team and will be looking to avenge their fourth place finish last year as they compete against Canada, Germany and Japan.

Two exhibition events have been included this year, sitting volleyball and Boccia. We'll be looking to see how James Roberts and Sam Scott pit their wits against the Netherlands in the exhibition match.

You can follow our athletes and the rest of the goings-on in Manchester at  http://www.btparalympicworldcup.com/home.php

For all the latest news on Disability Sport in Wales click on www.disabilitysportwales.com or follow us on twitter

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's no secret that sport is not my only passion in life...Prof Laura McAllister, Chair of Sport Wales.

The other (not sure 'passion' is the right word!) is politics. So when the two collide, I am in my element.

Sport Wales Laura McAllisterSo, as the party manifestos for the Assembly elections landed in my inbox back in mid-April, I was more than curious to see how sport had been embraced by the main political parties in Wales.

In the months leading up to the election, I have met with Assembly Members in my role as Chair of Sport Wales and have been speaking to them about sport and my hopes for how sport could be reflected in their respective manifestos.

What struck me was the genuine passion that everyone I spoke to displayed, not only for elite sport, but for the grassroots clubs and community opportunities as well.

And, turning the pages, it was encouraging that political commitments reflected many of the conversations I had, including referencing some of the key priority areas laid down in our Vision for Sport in Wales.

Now that a new programme of government is being developed, the next stage of my work is to ensure that these manifesto promises with regard to the power of sport are included and that the collective voice of sport in Wales is heard.

I strongly believe that advocating on behalf of sport is a team effort. We have developed the Vision with the support and input of the sector; the next stage is making it a reality and ensuring that our politicians are aware of the impact that sport makes.

I would like to see a sport sector that is proactively celebrating the achievements of sport, from engaging more children to elite success.

With a number of Assembly Members standing down,we have an exceptionally high number of new politicians which brings the opportunity to shape new ideas and fresh thinking.

The challenge, of course, will be to immerse our political newcomers in the world of sport, emphasising its reach and power.

Some might question my focus on political advocacy this past year, but I make no apologies.

Without the commitment of our political leaders at all levels, the infrastructure of sport would be in jeopardy and our ambitious strategies for coaching, elite and community sport would be impossible.

To continue demonstrating the often under-estimated ability of sport is right at the top of my 'To Do' list and I look forward to working with colleagues, partners and politicians from all parties to achieve this.

Cofion cynnes,

The view from Daran Hill - Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Positif Politics

He leads consultancy, research and monitoring work for a range of clients in all sectors. His specialisms include horizon scanning and picking up the political mood, which enables clients to be forewarned of shifts in policy and political emphasis.

"Over the past decade sport policy within the National Assembly and Welsh Assembly Government has become more centre stage, not least with the appointment of a Culture and Sport Minister in 2003. That change also saw the creation of a Committee in the Assembly to mirror that portfolio.

Daran HillIn 2007 the Committee structure was tweaked so that Culture (and by association Sport) fell in with Communities. Though the Committee continued to examine sporting issues, not least in terms of accessibility and also attracting large sporting events to Wales, the simple mechanics of such an arrangement is that the bigger the scope of a Committee, the more it will roam over the plains.

Quite how much emphasis the next Assembly gives to Sport policy will very much depend, therefore, on the design of government and the consequent architecture of the Assembly. On the latter point, changes to Standing Orders point to fewer but bigger Committees. This will present its own bigger challenge in making Sport a priority.

The auguries from the party political manifestos, however, are good. All four parties had clear commitments on sport, and all were united in terms of its importance in the school curriculum and in terms of widening access. Plaid also committed to a National Coaching Plan for Wales, while the Liberal Democrats proposed an innovative Arts & Sports Investment Trust, which would be a self-funding organisation dedicated to levering more private investment into smaller Welsh arts and sports.

It was Labour, though, that made the biggest number of sporting pledges including commitments on the sporting workforce, and a promise to nurture sporting innovation while at the same time doing more to attract major sports events to Wales.

At time of going to press, Labour is pretty much guaranteed to be the lead player in government, the number and level of these commitments and their support for the Vision can only be good for sport policy in Wales".

Friday, May 6, 2011

How could I have seen something?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yesterday in school...
One boy: "Here he comes!"
The other boy: "Didn't you mean 'she'..?"
-My first "Matching"-Experience-
Transsexuals describe it as "faboulous" and "the final goal
of all their dream-wish-phantasies"
I had to laugh.