Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And our survey says…

This week, we’re sending out the School Sport Survey to every single school and college in Wales. This is like the census of school sport!

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We’ll not only be asking teachers to complete the survey but primary and secondary schoolchildren too.

In our latest blogpost, Rachel Hughes, Research Manager at Sport Wales, gives us 8 reasons why the school sport survey is important and why we’re encouraging schools and colleges to fill it in:

·         We’ll be able to track how many young people are taking part in sport and how often

·         We’ll know what sports and activities are growing in popularity – and which are not!

·         Sport Wales, local authorities and other sporting organisations will be able to use the data to make informed decisions about sport for young people in your area

·         We’ll be able to identify which groups are less likely to take part in sport – whether it’s by gender, age group or the area in which they live

·         We’ll know much more about what stops young people taking part in sport – and what motivates them!

·         We’ll have a better understanding of the importance that young people are placing on sport in comparison to other leisure activities

·         We’ll find out whether young people feel that sport contributes to a healthy lifestyle
·    We’ll also know whether pupils enjoy their PE lessons

·         If schools provide a sufficient sample to analyse, they will receive a report to help them identify strengths and gaps in provision, and help them evidence the well-being of their pupils

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Schools have until the end of July to complete the survey.

Do you have any questions about the survey? Please let us know and we'll be happy to help!