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Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week 2012
Top 10 Ideas  to Stage YOUR Games

The Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week is taking place between Monday June 25th to Friday June 29th 2012 and schools across Wales are being encouraged to register at www.schoolsportweek.org

In 2011, 560 primary and secondary schools across Wales registered for NSSW which equated to approximately 170,000 pupils who were exposed to sport during the week.  This goes a long way to helping the sports sector achieve the vision of getting every child hooked on sport for life so Sport Wales and partners are hopeful more schools will sign up in 2012, especially as it is Olympic and Paralympic year!

Once schools have registered they will receive resources and case studies to help them plan their NSSW event under the theme ‘Stage Your Games’.  To get schools started here are our top 10 tips to Stage Your Games.....

1.       London 2012 World Sport Day – kickstart your Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week with London 2012 World Sport Day, on Monday 25 June. It is a great way to celebrate the sport and culture of the competing Olympic and Paralympic teams, and to welcome the world to the UK. This could involve other subject departments such as music, dance and art to you help create an inspirational opening ceremony – registered schools will receive London 2012 World Sport Day resources to support them.

2.       Become a Flame Follower – the Olympic Flame spreads a message of peace, unity and friendship. Lloyds TSB has created eight fantastic lessons to get your pupils excited about the Olympic Torch Relay. Each lesson plan is linked to a range of subjects to help pupils explore and learn about the Olympic Torch Relay. Registered schools can visit www.schoolsportweek.org to access these resources.

3.       Make a pledge – encourage pupils to make a pledge. This could be to try something new, do more sport, volunteer, officiate or could have a behavioural focus. Many schools which have done this in the past have seen improvements in pupil behaviour. You could create a school pledge, perhaps incorporating the Olympic and Paralympic Values, giving the pupils ownership and responsibility to promote and commit to them.

4.       Link with local sports clubs – invite clubs into the school to showcase their sport, take coaching sessions and discuss opportunities in the local area. Try to feature sports that are inclusive, new to young people, aligned to the different cultures in your school and fun!

5.       Incorporate the whole school – 95% of teachers that used Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week themes in English, ICT and Maths said they had successfully enhanced student learning. Other subjects can also be used to enrich the learning for pupils; such as Geography, Business Studies, History and Languages.

6.       Hold a Paralympic day – The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Get Set, the official education programme for London 2012, offers a number of resources, ideas and opportunities to help you plan a successful and inspirational Paralympic Day.

a.       Visit the IPC website - www.paralympic.org/Science_Education/Education/
b.      Visit the Get Set website - https://getset.london2012.com

7.       Transition day – schools have used Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week as a transition week, inviting local primary schools into the secondary school for a day of sport. These events offer invaluable opportunities for young people to familiarise themselves with their new school surroundings and meet new friends before the start of the school year. Schools can offer pupils the chance to try Olympic and Paralympic sports and to meet young leaders within the school.

8.       Volunteers – Volunteering is an integral part of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Many schools already have a huge number of young volunteers who are often at the heart of the most successful Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week events. Volunteers could help shape the week by planning the activity, supporting on the day, officiating, reporting, photography, co-ordinate opening and closing ceremonies and so on.

9.       Celebrate – hold a closing ceremony at the end of Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week to celebrate the success and achievements of your pupils throughout the week. You could use certificates to congratulate pupils on exceptional behaviour linked to the Olympic and Paralympic Values or for their participation.

Olympic and Paralympic Values – registered schools can visit www.schoolsportweek.org to access videos of athletes discussing the Values. You can use these as part of an assembly or discussion groups within lesions.

We hope this helps you get involved! Remember to let us know how you get on and tweet us any updates and pictures to @sport_wales. Pob Lwc!

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Liebe LeserInnen,
letztes Jahr im September hatte ich ja schon einmal angekündigt, weniger zu bloggen. Seitdem hielt ich mich allerdings immer noch an einen wöchentlichen Rhythmus, den ich nun aber wirklich aufgeben werde.
Es wird Frühling und ich habe das Gefühl, genug im Laub vor mich hingeratzt zu haben...
Der Blog war mein Laubhaufen, auf den die kleinen Geschehnisse des Alltags unsortiert herunter flatterten. Ich habe dadurch gemerkt wie unglaublich vielfältig das tägliche Leben ist, dass ich mich für mehr Themen interessiere, als ich dachte, aber mir ist auch klar geworden, dass Fiktion letztendlich auch nur aus der Realität besteht. Und mittlerweile interessiert es mich mehr, diese kleinen Dinge zu einem großen Ganzen zu verflechten, als sie einfach „nur so“ zu sammeln.

Ich habe trotzdem noch einige geplante Blogeinträge, die ich gerne umsetzen würde. Nur weiß ich nicht, wann.... Wenn Ihr meinem Blog noch folgen möchtet, ist es
jetzt wahrscheinlich besser, ihn über Facebook, Bloglovin oder Blogger zu abonnieren.(Dafür bitte runterscrollen.)
Ansonsten möchte ich Euch noch einmal meine Sammlung der comic-sport-Beiträge des ersten halben Jahres (die, meiner Meinung nach zu den besten gehören) ans Herz legen: von mir liebevoll handgebunden, mit 6-farbigem Siebdruckcover gedruckt und - das Beste (für alle Nerds und Sammler): limitiert auf 40 Stück!
Es sind noch einige Exemplare im shop vorhanden....
Ich danke Euch, dass Ihr mir bisher Eure Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt habt und würde mich natürlich auch freuen wenn Ihr Euch für meine anderen Projekte interessiert... Neuigkeiten dazu findet Ihr immer hier:
Dear readers,
In september I said that I wanted to post less on this blog, but then I still blogged once a week. Now I really mean it... I'm doing this for 2 and a half years now, but meanwhile I've become more interested in longer fictional stories, instead of just collecting unsorted little daily-life-stories. I loved doing this and I learned a lot about me, my themes and -most important- that fiction contains of daily-life, too. I still won't stop blogging here, but maybe it's better if you follow me on facebook, blooger or bloglovin, because there will be longer breaks now.
If you are interested, what I'm doing instead of comic-sports, please visit my homepage:


Today is International Women's Day 2012 and, in our latest blog, Sport Wales Chair Laura McAllister talks about the commitment to increasing the number of women and girls taking part in sport.

This blog first appeared as a guest blog for the Bevan Foundation.
Laura McAllister
Women and girls in sport is a topic of huge importance to us at Sport Wales. Our role is to promote sport and activity for all people in Wales – boys and girls, men and women.

However, we know from our research that more men (62%) take part in sport than women (51%)*; participation in pure sports clubs is male dominated (22% of male population and 11% female)*; and that a drop-off in participation in sport by school pupils is more acutely felt by girls (in Year 10, 52% of boys participate in organised activity at least once a week compared to 44% of girls).

I am simply not happy to accept this as a status quo. I do not believe that girls have less desire to take part or display lower levels of interest in sport. Our own School Sport Survey shows there is virtually no gender gap in extracurricular or club sport participation levels among primary school pupils, but that this increases as pupils move through secondary school.

When Sport Wales launched a new Vision for Sport in Wales in 2011, these were some of the issues that were highlighted as priorities to address – and address quickly.

What we would all like to see is for sport to become another arena in which women and girls can eventually claim to have a level footing and every opportunity to excel at all levels.

We are working hard, with our partners across the board, to ensure that young girls are getting hooked on sport for life and to address the drop off in participation beyond the age of 15 in particular. And I have made it clear that any of our funded partners who are not addressing these issues will need to face the consequences.

Inspirational Welsh athletes, such as swimmers Jazmin Carlin, Jemma Lowe and Georgia Davies, Sara Head (table tennis), Becky James (cycling) and Gwennan Harries (football), are increasingly more visible to young female audiences and are vital role models for our next generation of professional and amateur sportswomen.

Swimmer Georgia Davies - recently qualified for London 2012

We also have female athletes who, despite retirement, have continued to inspire, such as Tanni Grey-Thompson and Michaela Breeze.

We urgently need to see more women in leadership roles at the highest levels of sport in Wales. It is no secret that women are severely underrepresented in the boardrooms of sport’s major bodies, globally, nationally and here in Wales.

Sport Wales is literally about levelling the playing field and is working with women employed in Welsh sport to help them achieve senior positions.

We have targeted 26 women and are providing them with training, support and mentoring. The mentoring scheme matches women in influential roles in Wales, including Vivian Sugar, Chair of Consumer Focus Wales and Pro Chancellor of Swansea University, and Clare Clancy, Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly National Assembly for Wales. A female perspective in management and decision-making is not only more democratic but allows different skills and experience to be brought to the process of sport.

Young Ambassadors making a difference across Wales
We must also not forget the role that peer influencing can play. Our Young Ambassador programme has a number of very impressive young women involved, who are not only passionate about sport, but look to approach their peers in different ways in order to engage them. We need to harness not only our elite athletes as role models but young women and girls who are also passionate about sport.

We have seen a notable increase in girls taking part in extra-curricular sport in recent years, but the number of girls taking part in sport on three or more occasions per week has remained low.

We must continue our efforts to support more girls to discover their potential through sport. Three factors seem key in keeping girls in sport: variety, fun and sociability. The challenge is for everyone to use these and bring different ideas to the table.

I was as disappointed as anyone by the lack of any females on the UK-wide BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.  In Wales, the five BBC Wales nominees included five world champions – one of which was triathlete Helen Jenkins. Helen’s achievements sat easily alongside the other candidates and it was a chance for us to highlight through the media and other platforms the value we place on females in sport.

In fact, in terms of where we’re at with women’s sport, it’s probably as strong as it’s ever been.
Sport Wales has an important role to play but we cannot get to where we want to be by working in isolation. We need the support of those in education, health and other sectors. By support I mean a whole range of things, such as finance, knowledge, time, resources, partnerships and most importantly a commitment to the importance of sport and physical activity.

Sport can do so much for Welsh women and girls, but they have much to give back to sport as well. We only have to look at the recent debates about women in the boardroom of FTSE 100 companies when the Prime Minister has pointed out that, according to research by Catalyst, firms with the most women on their boards outperform those with the fewest on sales by 42 per cent. We want to see women represented throughout sport in Wales, bringing their experience and knowledge to help us achieve our aspirations.

Triathlete and London 2012 hopeful Helen Jenkins
As we build up to London 2012 and the biggest ever opportunity to inspire people to take part in sport, it is up to everyone to grasp the opportunity to make a lasting change at all levels of participation. What a legacy it would be if we could look back on these Games and say this is when we turned the corner and inspired a generation of girls to participate in sport.

I am proud of the women and girls involved in Welsh sport and want to build on their success and commitment so that we have a legacy of participants, leaders and elite performers. I will not be happy until we encourage more women and girls into every area of Welsh sport and that opportunities are consistently available to participate, perform and work professionally.

*2008-09 Active Adults Survey

Laura McAllister is also Professor of Governance at the University of Liverpool’s School of Management. A former Wales football international and national team captain with 24 caps, Laura is currently Chair of Sport Wales. Laura is also Board Member of UK Sport, the Welsh Football Trust and Stonewall UK.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

World Class Welsh Sport: Geraint Thomas' View

Happy St Davids Day! Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

In our fourth and final installment of opinion pieces to mark today's special celebrations we hear from Olympic and World champion cyclist, Geraint Thomas MBE, about what he thinks makes Wales such a great sporting nation.

“It’s no secret that I’m a proud Welshman and that I’ve never forgotten my roots wherever I’ve been racing with Team Sky and the GB guys. I got the best possible start when I first started out, as a ten-year-old, with Maindy Flyers. There are great clubs all over the country that are helping kids and adults to get their first taste of cycling and other sports.

“We’re a passionate bunch, the Welsh, and we’ve got a real ‘never say die attitude.’ I see that in fellow athletes, like Dai Greene, and the Welsh rugby team – and it’s that refusal to give up that’s got me through some tough races and brought me my successes.

“I think that passion is obvious in the fans too. I’ve had such great support from the fans in Wales whenever I’ve raced and I’m really conscious of that support from back home. It means a lot and definitely spurs me on to do my best, knowing that the Welsh fans are cheering me on.

“As well as the great facilities, like the Wales National Velodrome, that we’ve got in Wales we’ve also got some phenomenal countryside for getting out on a bike or trying any other outdoor sports. Those early days, racking up the mileage in the Welsh hills, were the perfect education for me and hopefully more youngsters will get out there on their bikes after they’ve watched the London 2012 cycling events.”

Find out more about our great sporting nation and test your Welsh sporting knowledge with wales.com's interactive quiz.

Geraint is the Sporting Ambassador for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, which involves talking with young athletes about the importance of eating a balanced diet and how red meat can aid in recovery after exercise.