Thursday, July 7, 2011

My week at Sport Wales

Hi my name is Charlie Baines, and this week, for my work experience, I have had the amazing opportunity to visit various areas of Wales and learn what happens ‘behind the scenes’.

In started my week with a visit to Plas Meni; National Water sports centre for Wales, where I helped out with jobs that instructors at the centre needed help with. These tasks gave me a feel for what the instructors jobs involve. I learnt that being a water sports instructor doesn’t just involve teaching people how to use specific equipment, instructors also play a big part in organising the activities and checking equipment  to make sure that the experience of learning a water sport is an enjoyable one.
In contrast to my first day of Work experience, my second day involved PR and Marketing type tasks at Deeside’s Sports Wales office. Day two was also a great experience, where I began writing my press release for the Wrexham Bradley Raiders; a newly founded Rugby club dedicated to coaching youngsters of ages twelve and onwards. Simon Grant, PR and marketing officer at the office provided me with some document to help me with the PR tasks. This also gave me an insight into and what methods Sports Wales use to promote their sports and sports communities in Wales and how they do it. Later that day I attended a meeting with Jo Clay from the Deeside office where various sports related representatives who were deciding on ‘the way forward’ for sports activities in Wales. Many ideas were brought up, however the panel was unanimous in deciding that if they are to achieve their goal, and conform to Sport Wales’ Vision for Sport, all aspects of sport will have to unite to form one incredibly strong sporting association.
Wednesday was another amazing day, where I visited the National Sports Centre for Wales. I started my day at Wrexham train station, where I boarded the train to Cardiff and a few hours later, we arrived in the stunning Welsh capital. After a short walk through the park, we arrived at the national Centre; the building looks fantastic and is in an amazing location next to the river. A short walk through the winding corridors found me in the ‘meeting area’ where I met Brian Davis who kindly took me round the facility and let me observe some of the work that goes on within the National Centre. I had an amazing day seeing all that goes n and although I couldn’t change the PowerPoint successfully, it was a very inspiring visit.
Yesterday, I was based in the Deeside office again where Simon helped me finish my press release and correct my blog. I was also invited to attend a meeting with Simon and the communications team and what their big plans for promoting 2012 are (amazing plans which would give an equally amazing result when used).
On my final day, I was again in Plas Meni, where I was involved with the water activities. This further broadened my insight into what the instructors do at the facility.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my week, and experienced many different career types. Everyone I have met this week has been welcoming, friendly, encouraging and inspiring. My placement was secured by Graham Williams who has been brilliant and taken me to all my placement locations, despite the inconvenience I may have been to have to ‘look after’. Once again thank you to everyone, I have felt like a part of each organization and have been included in many different opportunities.