Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Net Gains: Volunteering in netball

Claire Knowles is the Sport Wales Events Officer based in Cardiff. In her spare time she volunteer’s with Creigiau Netball Club, based in Cardiff, as an Under 11 Coach. She is also a paid Head Coach for the Senior Club, and works with the juniors voluntarily.

How often do you volunteer with Creigau Netball Club?
The club is based out of Radyr High School and Howells school in Cardiff, and caters for children from 7 years old to as long as they want to play!! 
We have U10’s, U11’s U12’s U13’s U15’s Youth and a Senior Club with 4 senior teams, plus we do summer league netball and the odd games of mixed netball too!
 I volunteer every Saturday morning for an hour through the Netball season. Next year I’m working with the Youth so will be volunteering every Tuesday for an hour.

How did you get into Netball?
Through school.  I started in primary school, and then I linked with a club in secondary school where I started coaching and got my first coaching award.

How did you get into volunteering?
I was always encouraged by my School PE Department and parents to get involved in activities, so I suppose it came from there.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering?
I’ve really enjoyed working with the U11s, its only one hour and I get so much reward from seeing them progress throughout the season!

How is Creigau Netball Club  doing in terms of its achievements?
The club is doing really well (forever growing!).
The club aims for the next 12 months are to develop the Junior section and actively work with Sport Cardiff to advertise the club as an exit route from schools.
The club at a junior level is about individuals achieving their potential and enjoying the sport – so it would be for the girls to continue participating in Netball and enjoying their sport.

What advice would you give to someone who would be interested in volunteering?
Start small, ask if there is a particular job you can support with e.g. Scoring at games, registration at each session, assisting with warm ups and see how you go with that.
Give it a go and get your friends involved too!

In your opinion, how can we encourage more people to volunteer?
For me it’s taking away the thought of a ‘one woman/man band’ – to get involved in volunteering in sport you don’t need it to take over your life – everyone has something they can offer however small, its all about teamwork!