Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 ways in which boxer Sean Mcgoldrick's been helped by Sport Wales' sports science & medicine team

Sean Mcgoldrick with his
2010 Commonwealth Games gold
This week, Wales’ Commonwealth Games gold medallist boxer Sean Mcgoldrick will be competing in the European Championships in Turkey.

It takes more than lightning reactions, natural talent and committed boxing coaches to get to the top.

Like most, world class athletes, Sean is also supported by a team of sports science and medicine experts.

In our latest blog, Sport Wales’ sports science and medicine team take us behind the scenes and give us 20 ways in which they’ve been helping him prepare:

Strength & Conditioning Coach Joe Hewitt has:

·         been helping Sean to create force from the floor and transferring it into his punches
·         developed more mobility and stability
·         develop Sean’s structural strength which means that Sean is more able to hold strong body positions
·         increased his lower body strength which increases his ability to generate force, improves movement ability and resistance to fatigue and gives him a solid base from which to defend and attack from
·         developed his upper body strength which helps him to cover up and defend
·         undertaken circuit based conditioning sessions to develop Sean’s power endurance - while the boxer was recovering from hand surgery
·         helped develop his hand strength

Sean with from left: Performance Analyst Stuart Peacock, Performance Nutritionist Kathryn Brown,
Physiotherapist Sian Knott, Sports Psychologist Catherine Shearer, Sport Wales Institute
Manager Brian Davies and S&C coach Joe Hewitt
Sian Knott, Physiotherapist has:

·         provided rehabilitation following Sean’s hand surgery – mainly focussing on regaining full movement in the wrist, hand and fingers as well as regaining strength of the overall hand and forearm
·         undertaken more general work, so that Sean is in best shape possible to get maximum benefit from his training without getting injured
·         worked to keep Sean’s muscles at an optimal length, in conjunction with soft tissue massage therapist Dave Rowe

Sean in action at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi

Kathryn Brown, Performance Nutritionist has:

  •   advised Sean on a nutrition strategy while he’s travelling to make sure that he’s getting all the nutrition he needs while also maintaining his target weight range
  • advised him how to take in fuel and fluid post weigh-in so that he is nutritionally prepared for the event
  • worked with Sean so that after his intense training sessions he is able to take in the right nutrients to refuel and repair his muscles and so that he rehydrates to replace sweat losses of sodium and water

Dave Rowe, Soft Tissue Massage Therapist has:
·         eased tightness and improved movement in back and shoulders
·         reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) associated with intensive training
·         assisted in recovery and rehabilitation following injury to right fist
·         promoted recovery from competition and/or training

Cath Shearer, Sport Psychologist has:

·         worked with Sean on his pre competition goals to make sure he is on target to reach his competition goals
·         helped Sean develop contingency plans for any situation he is faced with
·         assisted Sean in developing  a competition plan