Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The wait is over!

April 30th Update
All our Lakai shoes are in stores now. So, grab it fast especially the manchester series.
Manchester Select Black Colour size8 is sold out
Margaret Drive will close at 3pm tmr so if you are coming down for shoes, do it before 3pm.

April 28th Update
Many of the new shoes are still stuck in warehouse due to paperwork problems. When the shoes are finally in stores, we will let everyone know

DVS, Lakai shoes have landed on our shores, we are waiting to clear customs and the earliest we'll get the shoes is friday. *fingers crossed* otherwise it will be Monday.

20/4/09 update
It is taking some time for customs to clear our shoes, they are already sitting in a warehouse in Singapore, don't worry. *Fingers crossed* shoes will be cleared sometime this week. Check back again soon!

Please remember to check which outlets get which shoes. Most models are limited to 2 pairs per size. So grab it quick!