Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reclaim Land: Kings of Chaos.

Reclaim Land started out as a final-year project by four journalism students — Justin, Shu Yun, Kang Li and Serene — from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in August 2008 that led to this website.

Here, you will find stories about ordinary people who have created their own places despite living in the city-state of Singapore that is just over 700 kilometres-square in size — so small that some have called it a “little red dot”.

This lack of physical space is why the state justifies such a tight control over how land is used. But it is not so much the physical size that limits this city but rather the looming shadow of the state that clouds it. But in the everyday life, one finds pockets of resistance: a street barber, a kampung community and a crew of skateboarders. These are some of the ordinary people in our stories who through their daily actions re-imagine a new geography of Singapore, one of their own, one that gives birth to the question: Whose city is it anyway?

Do take the time to read through the story called Kings of Chaos, I believe it is the first time a magazine/website has done a in-depth story not only about Go Sports but about skateboarding in Singapore. By the end of next year, when Go Sports is gone from Margaret Drive, hopefully, these articles will be able to bring back the wonderful memories you've had here.

You can also find an article with pictures about Margaret Drive Blk 6C in the latest issue of Singapore Architect Magazine.

Many thanks to Justin, Shu Yun, Kang Li and Serene for writing this article.