Thursday, March 21, 2013

As the School Sport Survey 2013 is about to launch, Mrs Thomas, Head Teacher at Cowbridge Comprehensive School tell us why completing the School Sport Survey is a no-brainer.

Is Sport and PE important?
Sport at Cowbridge has a long tradition so for us it is very significant but in general terms sport and PE is very important– the sorts of habits we engender in pupils tend to become lifetime habits so we must ensure pupils feel that they contribute and feel part of the opportunities we create in order for them to continue playing sport later on in life.

Why is the School Sport Survey so important to Cowbridge?
The School Sport Survey is an important tool for allowing pupils to feel more involved and valued; it also gives us vital data so we can continue to improve the sport provision throughout the school. It’s important that pupils are consulted for all sorts of reasons but especially in sport.

How did you use the results?
As a school we are very good at self-evaluation and the 2011 School Sport Survey formed part of this. The PE department focused on the key areas of significance and the results were critical to the improvements we have since made, including the establishment of a school sports council and the installation of a gym to encourage independent exercise.

What would you say to a school that didn’t fill out the survey last time?
I would encourage schools to complete the survey because it does contribute to self-evaluation and it does allow you to generate data that you wouldn’t actually identify if you hadn’t signed up.  It’s important for the fitness of the nation to make sure pupils feel that they have a diverse range of sporting opportunities throughout school life.

The Sport Wales School Sport Survey goes live from April 8th 2013. For more information visit