Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blackriver Products Back in Stock

These are the Blackriver products available at the moment.

Berlinwood Fingerboard Wide Low Shape deck @ $70 each
-Wrinkler Sun
-Harrier Foid
-Flat Face Zeph
-Flat Face Jay
-Camo Neon
-Wood Wars
 -TKY Desk Rocker
-Pornstorm Butz

Berlinwood Fingerboard Wide Shape deck @ $70 each
-BR Classic Skull
-BR Camo Blue
-BR Logo White
-Shin Blackriver

 Berlinwood Fingerboard Classic Shape deck @ $70 each
-BR Anker Blk/Gold
-Sibbarp Love 03
-Logo Wrinkler
-BR Logo black
-Flatface Cyan
-Pornstorm Logo Black
-BW Logo Rasta

Berlinwood Fingerboard Low Shape deck @ $70 each
-Neon Explosion
-Neon Splash
-Neon Swirl
-Neon Triangle

Berlinwood Bowl Shape deck @ $70 each
-Omsa Beer Bowls BBQ
-Osma Living Dead
-Crazyleg Squirrel

Berlinwood Elias Assmuth Fingerboard Deck @ $56 each

Bollie Fingerboard Deck @ $38 each
-Rebel Rockers
-Freedom Hypno Love
-Peek Skyline
-Freedom Wulf Indian Spirit

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
-Rad Red
-Mean Green
-Bright White
-True Blue
-Mellow Yellow
-Jack Black

Bollie Fingerboard Trucks @ $30 a set

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67 a set
-Classics Black
-Classics White
-Big Daddyz

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Miniramp Wrinkler Dos @ $160
-Box 1 @ $35
-Box 2 @ $46
-Box 3 @ $43
-Box 7 @ $48
-Bench @ $35
-Ironrail round @ $45
-Ironrail L Style @ $52
-Iron Bike Rack @ $52