Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fingerboard Obstacle Course

24 Sep 2012 Update
We are still waiting for approval from SCAPE management. If  you have any comments/suggestions on the obstacle course, you can personally come down when the course is ready and let Uncle know.

21 Sep 2012 Update
We are still awaiting for approval from SCAPE management regarding the fingerboard 'park'. Let's hope they approve it soon! 

The Fingerboard obstacle course is almost ready. Keep checking back on when you guys can officially give it a go!

Q: When will it be ready?
A: Hopefully in a week's time

Q: There is no flow to this course.
A: This 'park' is design to let as many people play on it as possible. It is not built as a flow 'park'. There will be some selfish fingerboarders who will want to hog the entire course and the non-flow system is meant to stop them from doing so.

Q: I don't think this 'park' is going to work, can i provide feedback?
A: Yes, you can give uncle feedback when the 'park' is up. For now, do not send us emails regarding this.

So keep checking back on it and hopefully you will be able to find it at GOO in a week's time!