Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hockey - So you want to be the next Sarah Thomas?

As we enjoy seeing Sarah Thomas in action with the women's TeamGB hockey team at the London 2012 Olympics, Matt Davies, Business and Communication Officer at Hockey Wales tells us exactly why people in Wales should pick up a hockey stick.

TeamGB's 'Welsh Wizard' Sarah Thomas 

Hockey is the perennial outside sport, a competitive game of 11 v 11 that stays agonisingly close to the mainstream, but never finding enough traction to push it into the wider public view, a sport (which to some) conjures up images of cold playgrounds, skimmed knees and angry PE teachers.

With London 2012 now in full swing, Hockey may finally have its chance to shine and throw off these old shackles and show the public what it’s been missing all of these years. A chance to show that the sport, is a vibrant, fun and energetic past time which is as far removed from the freezing cold pitches of years gone by.

The 2012 Olympic Games brings together two GB squads that are both hungrily eyeing up the medal positions. This year we are all delighted to see that the “Welsh Wizard” Sarah Thomas (or Tommo as she is known to the team) gets a second chance at Olympic glory.

Sarah, who started her career at Dowlais Ladies Hockey Club, has gone from strength to strength, including making the massive step of moving from Wales to Holland to play for Rotterdam Hockey Club in Netherlands.

So while Sarah is out on the field in London, we here are Hockey Wales are getting ourselves ready with tons of really exciting events happening across Wales. Our Clubs are the best way of getting involved in Hockey, not only so someone can show you the ropes and get you started but they will also make sure you have a great time.

The #hockeyfamily is one of the friendliest groups in Sport so you will always find a help.
If you’re ready to go we always suggest you bring shin pads and mouth guards (just to be sure) but most clubs can loan you a stick until you’re ready to buy your own!

You can also check http://www.hockeywales.org.uk/ for more information as we will be posting up lots of great activities happening during and after the games themselves!

So get behind Team GB and why not follow @HockeyWales on Twitter. Join in the London 2012 celebrations on twitter and be sure to use the #2012cymruwales hash tag to show your support for our Welsh athletes!