Thursday, June 7, 2012


Every day this week until Friday, Sport Wales will be on hand with top tips to encourage you to get active with your family…
London 2012 is just around the corner and while you might not fancy yourself as the next sporting great, there’s no better time to be inspired to get involved.

31.        Make like Andy Murray and organise a family tennis tournament. Remember to reward yourselves with some strawberries afterwards

32.       If you have family members with disabilities, there’s no reason why you can’t undertake activities together. There’s an increasing number of clubs offering inclusive opportunities – contact Disability Sport Wales for more information

33.       Croquets sets are often to be found on the supermarket shelves at this time of year. It’s perfect for a spot of garden fun

34.       Inspired by Usain Bolt, then set up a finishing line and get racing! Record times with a stopwatch to encourage the kids to beat their personal best

35.       Beach Volleyball is a relatively young Olympic sport, making its full debut in Atlanta 1996. Since then its popularity has rocketed and it looks to be a crowd favourite at London 2012. Get yourself a net and pack it in the car for beach trips!

36.       Wales’ rhythmic gymnast Frankie Jones is set to compete in Wembley Arena from 9 August. Encourage your family to watch and cheer her on. Make sure there are hula hoops and ribbons on standby – they’ll be revved up to have a go themselves

37.       Come London 2012, prepare to be dazzled by the athletes in the trampolining. Trampolines are a firm fixture many a garden these days. The family will be keen to show off their acrobatic excellence! To fin your nearest club, contact Welsh Gymnastics.

38.       Expose your children to a wide variety of sports this summer. Watching different sports – whether it’s hockey, sailing or badminton or something else – your children will be inspired by an activity. Capture their interest and get in touch with the sport’s governing body to find your nearest club!

39.       Why not set up a garden treasure hunt? Make a map and lead clues to the treasure. Or design an obstacle course – they could weave through buckets, limbo under a pole and leap over a sandpit. Give it a London 2012 theme and make medals the treasure

40.   A fun family activity for toddlers and younger school children is animal magic - see who can hop like a bunny, walk like a spider, stretch like a cat or run like a monkey.
And remember to look out for Come and Try sport sessions within your local authority or why not go along to your local sports club. For more information, just contact the sport of your choice!