Friday, January 20, 2012

The Team Behind the Team - Sian Knott

The Team Behind the Team – Sian Knott
The Lead Physiotherapist at Sport Wales, Sian Knott has been using her healing hands on some of Wales’ most successful athletes and stars of the future since 2007.
After studying in Cardiff and going on to work at the University Hospital of Wales across all areas of physiotherapy, Sian pursued her love for sport by volunteering at a local rugby club. Seven years later she was still their club physio, whilst also gaining valuable experience across the sector and later achieving a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.
With physiotherapy roles for the Wales Ruby 7s squad and for Team Wales at three Commonwealth Games, Sian has a wealth of experience in working with elite sports professionals and not just at major events around the world. At Sport Wales Sian works with both experienced and up and coming athletes on a day to day basis, including Olympian swimmer Tom Haffield, Team GB thrower Brett Morse and gymnast Lizzie Beddoe.
Sian said;
“Physiotherapy plays a key role in helping any athlete reach their full potential. It’s not just about helping athletes recover from injuries but it’s also about preventing injuries in order to enhance their ability to train and perform. Ensuring that athletes have the good foundations for movement will allow them to reap the rewards in all other aspects of their training.”
Gymnast Lizzie Beddoe, said;
“When I’m quite sore I come to Sian and she makes things a lot better for me so that I’m able to carry on my training sessions.
“I’ve had quite a few injuries with my feet. I’ve broken both feet and another foot on a separate occasion and had to have an operation. With Sian’s help I’ve been able to get back after my injuries. It starts with rest and then rehab and then treatment. The Hydropool [at the Sport Wales National Centre] was great after my operation as I could start running and walking a lot faster than I could have done without it.”
Sian continues;
“There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing an athlete you’ve worked with achieve amazing results. There’s always an element of pride in the fact that you’ve played a very small part in helping them get there. My pride and passion is to see those athletes succeed and it’s a reflection that we’ve done our jobs properly.”

Five members of staff from the Sport Wales Institute are being followed by BBC Radio Wales to look at the work going on behind the scenes in the build up to London 2012.
Find out more about Sian Knott and the work she does with Welsh athletes; her interview is at roughly 2hr 40 into the programme.