Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SPOTY caused fierce (and healthy) debate

BBC Wales Sports Personality has always been a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and champion sport.

2011 BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year

This year has been no different.

Chaz Davies

But both the Wales and the UK awards have raised eyebrows and stirred up fierce debate.

Comments, opinion and arguments have been flying around on Twitter, Facebook and Jason Mohammad has enjoyed lively debate on his BBC Radio Wales phone in programme.

Whether you think more women should be on the UK shortlist and whatever your view on the Wales result - it’s been made abundantly clear that people across the UK have a huge passion for sport.

The issue of media coverage for lower profile sports has been a strong theme. From Mike Fatkin arguing for “the crumbs from the main sports table” right here on this blog to WalesOnline’s rugby writer Delme Parfitt arguing:

“One of the media’s primary functions is to reflect the interest of the public, not to dictate it, and that’s the reason why minority sports remain what they are.

“To therefore argue that a newspaper, or any other media outlet, should suddenly ramp up its coverage of, say, netball, out of some paternalistic duty to cater to that sport’s enthusiasts, is illogical.”

Here we link to just some of the opinions aired over the last couple of weeks. Send us your thoughts – would you like to see more sports enjoying media coverage?

Finally, we’d like to congratulate all winners and finalists – as well as the other sportsmen and women, coaches and volunteers across Wales who all make sport happen week in, week out.

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