Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blackriver products back in stock!

We don't hold reservation for blackriver products. So if you want anything, come down soon. We have very limited quantity for the bigger blackriver ramps.

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Mini Table @ $42
-Box5 @ $56
-Box6 @ $105
-Funbox @ $135
-Jay ramp @ $75
-Eurogap round rail @ $155
-Box2 Reloaded @ $46
-Mike Schneider Signature Ramp @ $145
-Street Plaza Dos @ $175 (1 piece only)

Berlinwood Fingerboard Deck @ $70
-Rollbrett Mission Game
-Sibbarp Love 02 Corner
-Asi Berlin Dimi
-BR Logo Blue
-BR Anker Blk/Gold
-BW Logo Green
-BW Logo Rasta
-Logo Wrinkler
-BR Logo Black
-Flatface BW Cyan
-Elias Assmuth @ $56

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67
-Blackriver Edition Black
-Blackriver Edition
-Timo Lieben Classics
-Big Daddy's White

Flatface Fingerboard Wheels @ $45
-G6 'turkis'
-Blackriver Edition
-Blackriver Edition ' Gold'

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
-Mellow Yellow
-Mean Green
-Super SIlver
-Rad Red
-Bright White
-Jack black
-True Blue