Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Fingerboard and Skateboard products in stores.

Oct 20 2010 Update
We are sold out of all our Prowood and Berlinwood Decks. New stock should be in by month's end. You can drop by any of our outlets to leave your name and number or email us at gooks@pacific.net.sg and we will msg you when they come in. Thanks.

We finally have Deathwish and Shake Junt Products in stores. We've got the entire range like
-Wax and much more.

Berlinwood Fingerboard Deck@ $70 each
-Logo Rasta
-Logo Blue
-Sibbarp Love 2
-Shin Bubbles
-Classic Skull
-Hello my name is
-Camo Blue

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 each.
-Mean Green
-True Blue
-Mellow Yellow
-Bright White

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67 a set
-Blackriver Edition
-Blackriver Black Edition

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Bench @ $35 each
-Minitable @ $46 each
-Box4 @ $42 each
-Rail @ $43 each

Blackriver Fingerboard Tool @ $25 each
Blackriver First Aid Bushings @ $17 a set
Riptape Tuning set @ $17 a set