Friday, March 4, 2011

Martyrdom for patriarcy!

Today I couldn't find "missy magazine" at the newspaper store
After a while the younger of the salesladies found it in the "kids"-departement.
Ironically she said to her collegue:
"You sorted it into the kids area - where it belongs!"
"I don't know this mag..."
The security man: "I don't know 'missy', I just know 'misery'!"
And when nobody laughed: "
I just know 'misery'!"
Was he prepared to die a martyr's death for patriarchy?
(Missy is a german pop-feministim-magazine..)

Ach, ├╝brigens, in der neuen "Missy" ist ein Artikel ├╝ber chicksoncomix! : )