Thursday, December 16, 2010

New This Week + Special Promo

We have tons of new products this week. Other than what you see here, we also lots of new girl, chocolate, 4 star caps and apparel. There are also lots of older model t-shirts on sale at OG so go check them!

Special Promotion
We have 2 products on offer. Firstly, we have some Spitfire wheels that have been discolored due to explosure to the sunlight. The discoloration does not affect performance of the wheels. Secondly, we have some older models of Royal Trucks on sale. So, with that said, the Spitfire wheels are going for $40 a set, which is the same price as blank wheels and the Royal trucks are going for $50 a pair, which is the same price as speed demon trucks. You can only find these offer products at SCAPE and MARGARET DRIVE. They are not available at OG.