Friday, June 4, 2010

Promotion at *SCAPE

9 June Update

You don't have to bring any cutout to redeem your $10 voucher. Just turn up at the information counter and ask for a lucky dip. There are $5, $10 and $15 vouchers to be won. We only accept the $10 voucher.

With the $10 voucher, you will pay $85 for a zero deck instead of $95, you will pay $89 for a Nike SB instead of $99, you will pay $49 for a Vans shoe instead of $59, you will pay $29.90 for a Girl T-shirt instead of $39.90. The possibilities are endless.

A limited number of vouchers are given out everyday till it runs out. The vouchers will expire at the end of the June.


Do you want a free $10 voucher?

Here's how.

1) If you have today's copy of the Newpaper, you will want to flip to page 30 and cut out the advertisment for *SCAPE. There is no minimal spending necessary.

2)Bring down the advertisement to *SCAPE Information Counter from Sat June 5th 10.30am onwards to redeem the $10 voucher.

3) Voucher is valid for the month of June, so if you don't have money as yet, you can still use the voucher later on in the month.

4) Only 1 voucher per purchase but that is still a pretty good deal.

5) Present the voucher during payment and get $10 discount from us!

6) When we get updates of when they are releasing the vouchers, we'll update you guys again so keep checking back!!

Here's how the voucher looks like