Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New this Week

We have been so busy unpacking all these new stuff over the last few days, its crazy.

You need manchester select? You've got it. 5 colorway for you to choose from.
You need Mike Mo's first pro model shoe? We've got it.
You need some new sandals for the beach? We have it
You need some cool headphones for skating? It's finally here.
You've got a lil bro or sis who needs shoes? 7 eye catching colors available now.

We also have tons of new Lakai, DVS, Matix tees, jeans, caps, wallets, belts, socks, accessories etc.

Headphones only available at OG

We've also got new Enjoi, Almost, Darkstar, Speed demon, Tensor Magnesium. Check them out below!

To Planzero who was looking for the Enjoi Icecream backpack, its finally here. You can get it at either MD or OG.