Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hari Raya Sale starts tomorow!!!


Here are some commonly asked questions and answers:
Q: can trade in vans shoe which in a quite bad condition? got hole at the sole plus an ollie hole.
Q: gs any condition ok for trade in shoe?
Q:i bought thiss vans shoe at m'sia. for RM70 and i used it for skating(got alot of holes) will you guys still accept it.
Q:what if the shoes is old model but still a skateshoe?
Ans: We will accept all brands of skate shoes, doesnt matter how old, what conditon it is in. As long you give us your old skate shoe, we will give you 15% discount on it.

Q: can trade in soccer shoe?
Ans: Even though we specify no trade in for leather shoes, loafers and slippers, this is a trade in for skate shoes, so we will also not accept soccer shoes, work boots. We understand some people do skate in slip-ons, so we will accept slip-ons as well.

Q: can like trade 2 shoe 30%?
Ans: This is a 1 to 1 promotion. If you give us 2 shoes, we will give you 15% discount on each shoe. It is not a combined discount.