Thursday, March 5, 2009

Battle at the berrics

After nearly four months, 32 skaters, 16 games of SKATE, one Legion Of Doom, and a case of the Chicken Pox the first Battle At The Berrics finally came to a close on Saturday, February 28. More than 300 invited guests showed up to The Berrics to witness the final matches between Benny Fairfax, PJ Ladd, Mike Mo Capaldi, and Billy Marks. Guests were also treated to a surprise redemption bracket battle between Mike Carroll and Eric Koston.

After a heated semi-final round, Fairfax and Mike Mo advanced to the final match. Their game was very close, but when the smoke cleared it was Mike Mo who brought home the win. For his victory, Mike Mo was awarded 10,000 buttery ass dollars from DVS.

Podium Distribution's Tim Gavin says the event was a huge success. "I never thought this event could be as exciting as it was,” he says.

"I always dreamed of having an event that skaters would love to be a part of as much as the people watching them and I think the Battle at the Berrics finals was it. I don't think it could have gone any better. We are deeply indebted to everyone that participated in the BATB and thankful to them for making it the event that it turned out to be." Steve Berra
For photos of the battle at berrics, click here