Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want to work for a skate shop?

Ever wondered what it will be like working for a skate shop? We are always on the look-out for full and part time staff! If you are interested in finding out how a skate shop operates, send in your resume.

Please include a little write up on yourself;
Tell us abit about yourself i,e; age,name,nickname, mobile
what you are doing right now
what are your working experience(if any)
who's your fav skater
what's your fav brand etc.
when can you start work

Make it exciting and interesting. Something that will make us sit up and want to know more. Write to us regardless of your gender, race, sexuality, hobby, skater/inliner, whatever. If you are willing to learn and open to new experiences, then we are looking for you. Drop us your write up at

p.s In case you don't know, we are located in Singapore. So, if you don't live in Singapore, I guess you will have to find your local skateshop and write in to them instead.