Monday, July 7, 2008

Weight of Trucks

We often have people asking about the lightest trucks, so over here at Go Sports, we have physically weighed every one of our trucks to get a range. If there is a certain brand that you don't see below, it means we don't carry the brand. Please don't ask us to find the information for you, go ask the skateshop that sells it.

Destructo hollow kingpin - 318g - 346g
Destructo coloured - 355g - 359g
Fury coloured - 318g
Grindking raw AXL - 288g
Grindking coloured - 312g - 322g
Indy coloured (stage 9) - 339g - 346g
Indy coloured (stage 10) - 343g - 350g
Krux coloured - 325g - 333g
Royal coloured - 341g - 343g
Silver coloured - 330g - 333g
Speed demon coloured - 322g - 331g
Tensor coloured (slider) - 316g - 320g
Tensor coloured (response) - 316g
Tensor Magnesium (response) - 273g - 277g
Tensor Magnesium (slider) - 282g
Thunder coloured - 337g - 342g
Thunder Hollow Kingpin - 312g - 317g
Venture coloured - 342g

* List only covers coloured truck, not raw trucks, with the exception of G.K - AXL.